The iClean Mini - turns tap water into a safe, effective cleaner & sanitiser stronger than bleach

With the press of a button, the iClean Mini instantly converts plain tap water into a powerful, naturally occuring oxidiser safe for use around people, pets and plants - yet very tough on dirt, grease, germs and odours. 

Clean, Deodorise and Sanitise (kills up to 99.9% of germs) any surface with Tersano's powerful spray of chemical free, GREEN oxidised water.

Kill HFMD, Flu Virus, E.Coli, Salmonella, MSRA, Norovirus, Listeria, etc. in seconds with just a quick spray from the iClean Mini.

Eliminate expensive and dangerous chemical cleaners in your hotel's housekeeping department, F & B Outlet, School, Office, Hospital, Clinic, Doctor's Office. 

Commercial Cleaning Contractors can now eliminate cleaning chemicals and GO GREEN CLEANING simply, inexpensively for total chemical free cleaning.

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From Tersano and ProMedUsa comes the simplest way to clean, sanitize and deodorise any surface. Sustainable, GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED, simple, effective and safe!

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Protect your family and loved ones from germs, viruses and bacteria

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