ProMedUSA Pte Ltd is your EXCLUSIVE AUTHORIZED local TERSANO Dealer and Distributor

ProMedUSA is your Official Authorised Tersano Dealer and Distributor

Tersano Stabilised Aqueous Ozonated Water Cleans, Sanitises and Deodorises better and at less cost then your toxic chemicals 

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Watch how easily the Tersano LotusPro dispenser creates SAO

Press a button and instantly, from plain tap water, you have a powerful stream of Stabilised Ozonated Water that will Clean, Sanitise (99.999%) and Deodorise in 1 step - with no rinsing needed. 

Replace your toxic cleaning chemicals with Tersano and protect your staff, guests and customers from toxic and often dangerous cleaning chemical exposure.

This is one of the Tersano LotusPro units creating the Stabilized Aqueous Ozonated Water used to clean at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. 

See how Tersano SAO works

See how Schools, Commercial Cleaning Companies, Hotels, Hospitals, replace cleaning chemicals and use Tersano Stabilised Aqueous Ozonated Water (called SAO) to Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize ANY surface better than the cleaning chemicals at much lower cost. 

SAO is as safe as normal Tap Water with an SDS of 0.0.0, is non-alkaline, non-irritating and safe for people and pets.

Eliminate plastic waste, stop toxic chemicals from being poured down the drains, and improve productivity 15-20%.

Watch Tersano SAO in an Assisted Living Home

Tersano SAO is used throughout this assisted living home in the UK. saving time, money and more importantly - it is safe for the staff and their elderly residents.

The IClean Mini

At the press of a button, the Tersano IClean Mini creates a powerful stream of Stabilized Aqueous Ozonated Water that safely Cleans, Sanitises and Deodorises virtually any surface. 

Protect your family from those expensive, toxic chemicals and spray bottles. The SAO Stabilized Ozonated Water from the IClean Mini will safely clean almost every surface in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Available now exclusively in Asia from ProMedUSA

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