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Save money - Tersano Cleans, Sanitises and Deodorises any surface - at less cost than toxic cleaning supplies or chemicals 

What is Tersano STABILISED AQUEOUS Ozonated Water (SAO)?

The Tersano LotusPro - Stabilised Aqueous Ozonated Water (SAO™) is a simpler, safer, cheaper and sustainable way to clean and sanitise hard surfaces. No storing. No mixing. No pouring.

Tersano SAO cleans all surfaces as well as or better than chemicals, at lower cost per liter

TERSANO STABILISED AQUEOUS OZONATED WATER (called SAO) - Tersano SAO keeps it's cleaning, sanitising and deodorising ability for over 24 hours.  Fill your spray bottle, your bucket, autoscrubber or robot, and Tersano STABILISED Aqueous Ozonated Water stays powerfully effective for over 24 hours killing up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria..

Tersano SAO generated with the Tersano LotusPro dispenser, is the only GREEN SEAL, HACCP and NSF CERTIFIED solution to CLEAN,  SANITISE (up to 99.999% kill rate) and DEODORISE any surface safely, quickly, and at a lower cost than chemicals. 

Tersano SAO is unlike other "Green" cleaning products or "alkaline high ph water". They can quickly dull, damage or ruin the surface of marble, granite, stainless steel or chrome. Tersano SAO has the same pH (7.0) as Tap Water, requires no rinsing, leaves no residues behind, and will never damage any surface. 

Tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozonated Water replaces up to 80% of your cleaning supplies including Multipurpose Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Heavy Duty Germicidal Cleaners, Carpet Shampoos, Detergents, Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaners.   SAO Water from the Tersano LotusPro Dispenser will beautifully clean wooden floors, carpets, counter tops, bathrooms, toilets, tile and linoleum, glass, mirrors, wood surfaces, stainless steel and chrome, marble, granite, and concrete.

Tersano Stabilised Ozonated Water is 100% safe for humans, pets, plants and is completely GREEN with the same pH as your tap water. SAO will not trigger allergies or skin reactions, and never requires any protective gloves, glasses or clothing when using it. 

Tersano Stabilised Aqueous Ozonated Water is the ONLY cleaning product with an  MSDS of It is used worldwide by professional housekeepers, custodians, and cleaning contractors in schools, hospitals, hotels, museums, food and beverage outlets, commercial kitchens and catering facilities, corporate offices and factories worldwide.

Tersano has the green seal, NSF, TUV, FDA, HACCP, Seal of approval - click here

See how tersano Stabilised ozonated Water replaces chemicals

See how Schools, Hotels, Hospitals use Tersano Stabilised Ozonated Water to achieve outstanding results and Clean, Sanitise and Deodorise ANY surface as well or better than chemicals at lower cost.

Proof of Tersano's effectiveness

Here's proof of Tersano's effectiveness in Cleaning, Sanitising and Deodorising virtually any surface.

Tersano Pathogen Summary Sheet Apr 2018 (pdf)


Complete Pathogen Kill Rate Matrix for Ozonated Water (pdf)


Tersano Before and After Photos (pdf)


Five Star Hotel Restaurant Toilet Urinal (pdf)



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